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KnowledgeCreative has no memory of his childhood or upbringing after one day waking up at a care facility in Woodside NY on August 12th of 2003. Under the care of Dr Lance Pettlegreen, he learned that he had been in a horrible accident and been found barely alive. He had been in a deep coma for over 3 years. On that day he decided to leave the care of the good doctor and walk the earth. Since then he found he was musically inclined and decided to play music to support his growing weed habit. Once, while learning how to DJ, he needed a way to smoke and cut at the same time. That's when by chance, he attended a King Yellowman concert (KC was holding some records and the guy literally held the door open for him) and discovered gasmasks. His life was forever changed and KnowledgeCreative was born.

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Revelations (Cassette)
  • Revelations (Cassette)
  • Revelations (Cassette)
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Get the original tape from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop by the masters of the craft! The debut release from The Last Kind is a hidden gem and is going into it's 20th year since it's release. This offer will not last.

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