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NuCreative Media is a fresh new look for a booking agency with today's emerging artists. Virtual booking agent and assistant we handle all your needs for customized events. We are partnered with numerous established companies, and looking for artists who can provide entertainment. We're looking to enhance our roster and need a few good acts to promote,  using our new branding and marketing tools as we embark on a great new venture with our sister company Last  Kind Recordz. So if you're in a band, sing, rap, or play jazz, experimental or electronic music and have released a working project and are GOOD and READY to perform live, drop us a line at

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NuCreative Media is a new kind of music broker. We connect music creators with songwriters and artisans with similar tastes to collaborate on projects together. If you are an artist that would like to be involved please email and sign up. Please include at least 30 seconds of media (singing, rapping or instrumentals) or a link to your art for consideration. 

(we accept .aiff, .wav, .mp3, .flac)

Last Kind Recordz & LK Jazz Recordings is a collaboration of talented musicians, Emcees,  Jazz artists, Spoken Word Poets and Artisans bound only by there virtuosity. Linking hip-hop with the new renaissance resurgence of today, we intend to provide quality urban music to the masses. Providing the kick to the drum or the hum to the melody, we stand behind  every note. We are the curators of our craft & the ambassadors of our credo.

Cynthia Utterbach

The Jazz Storyteller Cynthia Utterbach

The Jazz Storyteller Cynthia Utterbach