HipHop 201

#Rapfacts Eps 1 MFDoom | Masked Mouth  

 MF Doom 1971-2020

1/4/2021 - In a crazy election year with  Covid lurking behind every door,  we, unfortunately, lost a true champion in the lyrical arena. When Yassin Bey does a tribute in your honor giving shots up for your contributions to hip-hop you know you've done a lot. It's your favorite Emcee's favorite Emcee MF Doom, who passed away suddenly on the day historically known for mask-wearing, Halloween October 31st, 2020. The year the pandemic started. With a gifted style of delivery, full of double entendres and multisyllabic rhymes, Doom was able to layer a story between multiple characters and be quirky, reflective, funny, and engaging without the need for fake promotional bullshit to usurp his many talents. Thom Yorke of Radiohead said on his tweeter account "the way he put words was often shocking in its genius, using a stream of consciousness in a way I’d never heard before". Did you know that MF doom dropped an album with the alchemist in September 2020? Here's the link to Masked Mouth.  And, I don't know the dates but there is talk that there WILL be a MadVillain part two coming. At some point.  Let's keep our fingers crossed it's sometime soon. MadLib are you hearing me? (LOL no). We're devoting this MONTH to MF Doom and the host of other characters in his life's parade of genius that is sure to engage people the world over for years to come. Bless.



Til The Tap Pops Presents... HipHop 201