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Aaahh ..the great days of hip-hop. Child sit here by the fire and let me tell you a story of a group of men that came together back in the glory days of hip-hop. They called themselves The LK (originally standing for (Lyric Kartel), and they represented the core ideologies of Underground Hip-Hop. The five elements ran deep in this crew of Emcees. and as for their DJ, TMK's Cutting and scratching was the essence of his  game.  In 1990 the crew got together when Maja Clout and Derek Strong met wile they were in grade school, and were invited to be in the Local Radio station (KDAY's) music troupe by childhood friend M. Baaka  who went to the same school. 

"The Los Angeles-based Hip-Hop group the Last Kind represent the ideology of most underground, independent acts. The group had been together since 1990 and was the creative production of Maja Clout and Derek Strong. In 1992, Marce-Fly joined the group with R-Diggy and Prop climbing on board in 1995 to finalize the lineup at that time.  In early 2000, the Last Kind signed a deal with the small label, Stray Records, who the group felt best represented and understood them."

In 2001, the crew was composed of M-Fly, Prop a.k.a Wildelux, Megalawge a.k.a R-Diggy, Dj TMK, D-Strong, M. Baaka and MajaClout. They released their first  album called "Revelations" with a label called Stray Records, which had a distribution deal with Time Warner a the time. They produced an album called "Revelations"  a stunning surprise from the West Coast composed of 14 tracks mostly produced by R-Diggy.  It was around this time the iPod and iTunes system for music storage and playback became immensely popular, and many consumers began to transfer their physical recording media (such as CDs) onto computer hard drives and the chief economic impact of these changes was a dramatic decline in revenues from recorded music. The "LK" not knowing the biggest change would be yet to come, they kept making music. Looking around for a record deal in late 2000's era for an Underground hiphop group out of Los Angeles was difficult to say the least. If you didn't sound like gangster rap.

2023: As we are looking back at our catalog it's crazy how the songs are so exactly on point with what we're doing today, and it's almost scary to see how we predicted the decline of independent hip-hop as we knew it, and the onslaught of industry lead culture.  No more conscious hip-hop, no more boom bap,  even horror-core  it's hard to find. Nowadays with so many streaming acts and everyone having access it makes it harder to find legitimate joules in the rough. So as we go forward and release these next few albums, just know that the sound will never be old, it's just music.  

Introducing The Last Kind


The Last Kind has had a rotating host of members with some core members thier the entire time. Rocwell aka MegaLawge  is the groups main producer. D-Strong is one of the founding members of the Last Kind and has had many collaborative albums with the likes of Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion), Hellraza (Killa Beez) and Sadat X.

MajaClout also one of the founding members, and a Bronx native. The good Maja moved to California to go to school and created the Playa Rhyme Sayers crew which is how the Last Kind was formed.

MegaLawge is the group's main producer and has put out many tracks in the industry for the reality shows like love and hip-hop, and many other TV and industry projects. 

Wildelux, also a Bronx Native has had a string of dope albums starting with his debut "Hustlemania" and has never looked back. He is a consistent force in the game and moved to Japan and has a great following with new music and videos dropping all the time.

Mr. Baaka joined the crew late (replacing original crew member Marce-Fly who left the group to practice medicine), Baaka is from East Orange New Jersey, and moved to Los Angeles and became schoolmates with D-Strong and Maja Clout. A gifted lyricist and reggae DJ, Baaka would bring a new sound to the group. Mixing Dancehall and hip-hop and adding a different dynamic to the group. 

Last but surely not least is DJ TMK (The Mixterious Kid). Bringing an incredibly dope set of skills turntables DJ TMK is definitely fire on the ones and twos. Crazy styles and lit as shit!


What can I say about my man D-Strong?  Straight out the gutta, verbally gifted head-choppin Emcee, hailing from Hawthorne California. Oh yeah, he's white, and dope as fuck. He's got a smorgasbord of albums under his belt and still underground as shit, and CONTINUES to drop mega-fire on every track! Go check him out on this Bandcamp page here.

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D-Strong's Video "WorldWide"