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NuCreative Media is a collaboration of talented musicians, Emcees,  Jazz artists, Spoken Word poets, and Artisans bound only by there virtuosity. Linking boom-bap hip-hop with the New renaissance resurgence of today, we intend to provide Quality Music to the masses. Providing the kick to the drum or the hum to the melody, NuCreative Media stands behind every note. We are the curators of our craft & the ambassadors of our future. Welcome!



NuCreative Media is also an event planning and marketing firm, specializing in music and creative arts performances. Based out of Riverside California, we are uniquely positioned to incorporate Southern California, Nevada and Mexico events with ease. Completely customizable engagements including step and repeats, custom lighting and Stage construction and design. Following are some events we did over the last 2 years (Pre-Covid) and a small example of what we can do.

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