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“Dynomite”  was born in Los Angeles California and moved to the Inland Empire area of So Cal and grew up in a house where music was all around him, from his sisters and brothers that sang to his talented aunties and uncles. His mother was a choir director/singer/conductor so of course young Dynomite was in the choir at an early age, and then started playing drums and different instruments in the church  band. Being a 90s baby, he was enthralled by groups like B2K, NEXT and New Edition, along with solo acts like Chris Brown, Jamie Fox and Smokey Robinson. One day he decided he was going to get his name in lights like his mother always told him he would. Now Dynomite is bringing back the R&B feel with a new updated twist, but still feeling like he’s got that splat! Add text

Electronic, Knowledgecreative, Grunge, HipHop, Grime, Slime, Trap, BoomBap

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The person from nowhere

Much to the chagrin and dismay of many so-called artists KnowledgeCreative does not promote a persona but instead sticks to the music unless the music speak for itself. KC believes that is's not about class, race, gender, age or mental standing. It is music. Enjoy.Your welcome.


KnowledgeCreative, Born  Jan 1, 1986, Cadet Training KC

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The GrownRenegadez

Jyotirmay Roy, professionally known as Roy2201 and Roy On The Beat (born August 27, 2001) was born in India. Roy is a Music Producer, Mix Engineer and Song Writer. At age of 15, he discovered his talent and began learning how to produce music from YouTube, one of the most popular video sharing platform allowing billions of videos to be uploaded and shared on their platform since 2005. At the same time, he was trying to find a way to make money. After months of hard, dedicated work, he sold his first production through Fiverr.com, an online marketplace connecting businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ categories since founded in 2010, which set him on a course to invest in himself by learning sound engineering at a local institute. Now, Roy has continued to network and has met his latest artist like Ricky Worth, 3rd Eye, Bigboi, Montana, and Dynasti. Being a gearslut, he plans to move to the US and create with more artists.

Mr. Baaka is most known as host for the "Til The Tape Pops!" podcast, where you can find him talking about old school hip-hop and  R&B producers from all eras, as well as the latest afrobeat, electronic and pretty much any kind of music.  Originally, from a Hip-Hop crew out in the 2000's era called The Last Kind, Mr. Baaka is also a rapper, afrobeat DJ, producer and world traveler. As fate had it, he was able to travel around the world at a young age and visited places like Dubai, Bangkok, Taiwan and Singapore giving him a love for the far east and electronic music. Baaka grew up in an orthodox Ethiopian household and consequently listened to a lot of african and cultural music.  These two make a interesting combination with the influences of India, Africa, East/West Coast, Trap, Electronic as well as Jazz, this duo has enough influences to draw your curiosity.