Eps 11Kid Cudi is the epitome of get up and do something with your life. He is a high school dropout who went back and got his GED and continued on to college, when that wasn't working decided he would the Hip Hop industry leader and has done just that. Along with being mentored by the multi-talented Kanye West CuDi went on to co-produce right and arrange 808 and heartbreaks with Kanye and create a group called they see ghosts. Along with his rock band WZRD and his John of bending anthems with the likes of Steve Aoki and David Guerra Kid CuDi has made his mark. Now with an Intergalactic release pending as well as animated movies and feature films on the Verizon Kid CuDi is a name to watch for the long game, along with huge numbers of cult-like fans. Now let's get on to the show!